11 reasons to start your fitness journey in the middle

The other day I arrived at a friend’s house, unloaded my 4 kids, pulled my backpack onto my back, and lifted a heavy picnic basket of lunch out of the trunk–all without pain. I felt strong.

Such a contrast with last fall, when my back was so messed up I couldn’t lift 1 year old Lydia without triggering a back spasm for the rest of the day.

The pain was nearly constant, and I felt weak every time I turned around. Scratch that. I couldn’t turn around. I had so much tension in my back and neck that when my kids would call to me in the back seat of our car, I’d cry because I couldn’t even turn enough to talk to them.

I’d toss and turn in bed, trying to find an angle where my neck wasn’t screaming at me, and I’d wake in the morning with my back tighter than ever and wonder, “Is my mattress the problem?”

I went to the chiropractor repeatedly, with no relief.

I got a massage…it helped me relax, but the next day I was just as tight again.

I tried to work out, figuring my pain was from being out of shape. Instead, it triggered worse spasms.

The Core Problem

What I didn’t know at the time was that all of my pain was due to weak core muscles causing other muscles to have to compensate. It was pulling me out of alignment, hindering daily activities, and getting gradually worse.

That’s when my favorite online fitness gal, Beth Learn, introduced me to Kelly Dean and her Tummy Team Rehab program. I told you about my feelings as I began the program, and my progress a few weeks in, but it’s finally time to tell you about the end result.

My Full Review of Tummy Team’s Core Foundations Program:

The program is 8 weeks long, but Kelly gives you two extra weeks of access to the course content because–life happens. I definitely needed the grace period, what with travel and a holiday happening in there, but I did complete all the content and am excited to give you the full report.

Here’s 5 reasons this core-focused program works so well:

  1. It’s a proven method for healing. The course is solidly based on science and Kelly’s years of education and experience in helping people rebuild core health. Kelly knows what she’s talking about and has led 100’s of women to healing already–her methods are tried and true.
  2. It’s the perfect length. You have time to see true progress and make the exercises part of your lifestyle. (Let’s face it–they say a habit can be formed in a month, but us mommies need a little longer and a little more support because of all our interruptions and distractions, right?)
  3. The format is ideal. If I’d had to leave my home to get the help I needed, it would have increased stress in my body and life. The content came to me, allowing me to put all my energy into actual healing.
  4. The content is thorough. The course has video that educates you about your body and effectively demonstrates the exercises, and then print outs that enable you to take your knowledge away from the computer and into your routine. The overlap of both seeing the exercises and having a diagram of them on paper was super helpful, and the check lists provided for each week kept me on track.
  5. It’s personal. This surprised me the most–how an e-course could feel so personal. But Kelly’s passion for my healing came through in each video and every line. Each week it was as if she anticipated what was going on in my head and my body and she always said just the right things to encourage me and keep me from feeling overwhelmed or losing heart.

Everything the course promised, it delivered…

(3 unexpected reasons to start your fitness journey by addressing your middle muscles)

  1. I was told to expect an increase in GI function as I woke up my abdominal muscles. I was skeptical because I was, shall we say, already regular. At the risk of TMI, I’ll reveal to you that I went from one bowel movement a day to two, and have decreased the challenges that, in the past, have caused hemorrhoid flare ups.
  2. The course addresses the whole core, including pelvic floor strength. Kelly’s Kegels (different, better, stronger!) are the answer to incontinence. I’m no longer afraid to sneeze. Or jump on the trampoline.
  3. I went from feeling discouraged and overwhelmed when the initial exercises revealed how weak I was, to feeling empowered and excited at the strength I’ve gained in just two months, just as the course said would happen.

How the program saved me money:

(Maybe these are the best reasons to start with your core!)

  1. I had spent $200 in chiropractic appointments before I began rehab. If I had not found the program I shudder to think how much more I would have spent trying to address back pain the only way I knew how, even though it wasn’t working.
  2. Massage brought temporary relief, but didn’t solve the issue (and seeking pain relief through massage would have cost me $60-$90 an hour)
  3. Since Jeremy was having back pain during this time as well, we were becoming very suspicious of our mattress. I’ve taught him some of the stretches and alignment cues and it’s reduced his back pain, as well. We saved $800 on a new mattress!

How I felt when I finished:

Back pain wasn’t the only thing the course helped me overcome. It empowered and strengthened my whole self, and gave me a firm foundation for going forward with my fitness goals. I can’t fully express the freedom and excitement I feel about th future of my motherhood knowing I’ll have the strength to carry babies (both in the womb and out) and be the active, engaged mom I want to be for my kids.

Is this program something you’re interested in? Kelly has a variety of programs available for addressing core health in every season…

Also, Tummy Team offers a Gift Certificate option now which is perfect for giving the gift of core rehab to someone else, or for purchasing a program for yourself that you are not ready to start right away.

I’ve partnered with the Tummy Team because I truly love and support their work. If you purchase through my links, I receive a small commission–so thanks!


10 responses to “11 reasons to start your fitness journey in the middle”

  1. Amanda Avatar

    I tried using the HAPPY43 code and it said the code is “not active.” Has it expired?

    1. Trina Avatar

      Yes, Amanda–sorry you missed the sale! It was only for the 22nd. I will pull down the sale info so there’s no further confusion.

  2. Kelley A. Avatar

    Thank you for the review Trina! I purchased the prenatal program and the pregnancy splint. Hoping to help heal my diastisis or keep it from getting worse until I can heal it after baby comes. I placed the order woth 5 minutes to spare using the code!

    1. Trina Avatar

      Kelley! I’m so excited for you! I believe this program will make an amazing difference in your pregnancy and recovery! Oh, and congratulations! 😉

  3. Eileen Avatar

    How much time, daily, did you spend on the exercises? And once the program is over, are you equipped to continue on independently?

    1. Trina Avatar

      Eileen, great questions! The exercises are not time consuming–mostly because they are attached to stuff you’re already doing. It’s called “functional” or “integrated” fitness. How you sit, stand, use the toilet, drive, shop, vacuum, and get out of bed are all part of the program. The exercises themselves only take about 20 minutes which are spread out throughout the day. The effectiveness of the program comes from the fact that you are learning how to maintain proper alignment during all your daily activities.

      And, yes–I feel well equipped to continue independently. I now know exactly what postures and lazy habits created my problems, and I understand how my body is designed to work. If I feel myself slipping (which I admit happened last month when I was sick AND dealing with 1st trimester fatigue) I can go back to the printouts I got from the program and refresh myself on the alignment cues and stretches that keep me limber.

      Also, my skype session with Kelly helped us to zero in on the key area I needed to focus on, and she said I didn’t have to do ALL the exercises, just the ones we decided would help me the most.

      I really don’t spend any time specifically doing exercises. That’s why it worked for me so well. I stretch my hamstrings while sitting at lunch. I do my shoulder rolls and the upper back exercises while driving, shopping, or working on the computer. I even do stuff in the shower.

  4. Rachel Ramey Avatar
  5. Rachel Ramey Avatar

    How vigorous is this? Adrenal fatigue doesn’t allow me to do high-energy exercises right now, but I like the sound of this.

    1. Trina Avatar

      I never broke a sweat. No cardio. Just gentle, focused movements, alignment awareness, and stretching.

      1. Rachel Ramey Avatar

        Oh, awesome! Thank you!

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