My Back Doesn’t Hurt Anymore! (Tummy Team Recap Week 4)

I wasn’t scheduled to blog about my experience with the Tummy Team Core Rehab Program until next week, but ya’ll–I can’t wait to tell you what’s happened!

As of this week, I’m pain free!!!

It seems to good to be true, but just over a month into the program, the pain in my back is gone.

If you remember, I began the program the first week in October. I kept up with the program for three weeks, then we had to travel out of town to a wedding, so I didn’t have time to cover the week 4 material, so I just got to it last week. (Kelly gives you access to the 8-week program for 10 full weeks, so there’s grace in the schedule). Now, after 5 weeks doing the simple exercises and stretches, I’m pain free.


Just a little excited, can you tell?

Before I realized that my back pain was due to core weakness, it hurt all the time, and I was constantly and unkowningly doing things that would trigger it to spasm. My mobility was affected–I couldn’t twist my torso look behind me because the slightest rotation of my spine was met with sharp pain. I spent $200 on chiropractic appointments this summer, trying to address the “kink in my back” not realizing that all along, it was my daily movements that were causing the pain.

It was this past Sunday at Church when a friend asked how my back was that I turned to show how much my mobility had improved and realized myself that the final kink in my back had smoothed out and ALL the pain was gone. Praise the Lord! Ya’ll, I’m just so grateful.

I’ve also been able to start carrying my one-year-old Lydia again for longer and longer periods without my back fatiguing. This is truly wonderful, because she really likes to be held. LOL I can now get through an extended time of housework or preparing food without the tension building to the point where only an ice pack or a good massage will bring relief. I now know what postural positions lead to angry back muscles, and when I feel my back fatiguing, I can find relief almost instantly with adjusting my alignment, waking up my newly conditioned core muscles, or doing a few stretches.

And I’m really excited that this is just the beginning of the control and stamina I can expect to gain in my core as I continue through the program. Remember when I felt broken and weak? It’s a memory now, fading further and further behind me.

I’m free. And so grateful.

For more about my fitness journey, check out this page.

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Do you have questions about my experience or wonder if the Tummy Team’s program could help you? I’ll be answering your questions and sharing some wisdom from my one-on-one session with Kelly in my next update post, so ask away!



3 responses to “My Back Doesn’t Hurt Anymore! (Tummy Team Recap Week 4)”

  1. Rachelle Rea Avatar

    Yay! So glad and grateful for you, Trina!

    1. Trina Avatar

      Thanks, Rachelle!

  2. Jessiqua Wittman Avatar

    Yayyy! That’s so exciting! I’ve been using some of the info you’ve provided to try to keep away the recent neck/back aches that have been troubling me. It’s amazing how much plain ignorance tears up our bodies!

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