I began my fitness journey at 30, when a friend talked me into running a 5K with her for the first time. I finished the race, but that was just the start.  A few months later I realized that my persistent belly-pooch (despite losing my baby weight and all that running!) was called diastasis, and there was solution! I discovered mommy-friendly fitness and a whole new world opened up to me–a world in which pregnancy didn’t have to ruin my body, but I could have babies and be in shape!


I have been a faithful member of Fit2B online fitness studio for 1 1/2 years and love the convenience of quality workouts piped right into my home (because I know that I’d never work out if it required me hauling me and my 4 kids out of the house!) I love how Beth offers workouts that vary in length and intensity so I can always find something that fits my schedule, my body’s needs, and my mood (that last one being the most significant, right?)

You can check out one of Beth’s sample videos here and you can get your membership to the gym that comes to you right here.

The Tummy Team

This year I began experiencing back pain that regular fitness wasn’t helping. I realized I needed some one-on-one coaching and actual rehab. So, I began the Tummy Team Rehab program, and am blogging about my journey.

Week One: Hope for my Aching Back

Week Two: From Guilt to Strength

Here’s all the posts on my blog about mommy-friendly fitness:

Finally Loving My Core–Diastasis Rehab at Home–In which I discover my diastasis and the solution in one fell swoop.

An Interview with Beth Learn of Fit2B Studio–In which I get answers for what kind of exercises are safe for moms and the answer to my kid’s energy levels when we’re house bound!

10 Favorite Things That Help Me Love Being Pregnant–find out the difference Fit2B made in my comfort levels while pregnant!

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