Company in the Studio

Last week I had company in my studio, as I taught my first official sewing lesson.

Three sisters joined me for an afternoon of instruction and companionship as I taught them how to make a cloth shopping bag.

We had a great time – I, because I was doing something I love and the girls were quick learners, and they…

…because with little or no prior sewing skills, they went home with beautiful, finished cloth tote bags! I was so proud of them and look forward to our next lesson (in which we will create Emmaline Aprons!)

If you are interested in sewing lessons, you can find more info on my new Sewing Lessons page!

2 responses to “Company in the Studio”

  1. rahraht Avatar

    Looks like fun! I wish I was close enough to take lessons from you
    I just have to pick my mom's brain some more. She's really good at sewing – especially the envisioning part.

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