Company in the Kitchen

My newest helper in the kitchen could not be more pleased at her promotion. My main helper was out on a coal delivery with his daddy, so I conscripted little sister. I gave her a chair and an apron and something to stir. I think she liked her new job – the next morning the first thing she did was grab her apron out of the cupboard and then direct daddy to drag a chair into the kitchen for her. 🙂

The occasion required a little sewing project in the form of a new apron.

Later that week, we baked cookies. She was helpful…until she discovered the dough was edible.

Infact, quite cravable. “Stop eating the cooked dough, Baby Girl!!!”

Brother heard “cookie dough” and was on the scene, showing sister how to get the most out of her kitchen experience.

I always make a double batch of cookie dough and freeze most of it formed into balls with my Pampered Chef Mini Scoop. Then fresh cookies are always at our fingertips  – just preheat the oven, pull out the cookie dough balls, set them out on the tray, and pop them in. Just how much cookie dough goes missing in the process depends on how many helpers you have!!!

2 responses to “Company in the Kitchen”

  1. Abbey Avatar

    Oh my! I love Claire's little apron!

  2. Miki Avatar

    Oh my goodness! Could those two little ones look any more alike?? They are like boy and girl versions of the same child, lol. (At least from where I'm sitting☺)

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