Claire’s Room

Claire’s room is half of the studio, as I promised her if she was a girl. ๐Ÿ™‚ The walls were already her favorite color in preparation for her arrival. The quilt was completed just days before she came. We just wanted a girl so much!

I didn’t have a crib for her at first – we had planned on using our portacrib until Jesse was ready for a toddler bed and relinquished the use of his crib. But then the Lord sent us a gift for baby Claire…

This crib was set on the side of the road, all the pieces disassembled and stacked together with the hardware carefully taped to it, and a “Free Crib” sign. Jeremy spotted it about dusk on a side road as he was on a service call just a week after Claire’s birth. He was amazed that someone had taken so much care to pass the crib on in good condition, yet didn’t try to sell it – just put it out in the snow! He carefully loaded the pieces into his pickup and brought them home.

He and Jesse set it up that very night, and I had so much fun the following day, setting up my little girl’s room! Her new quilt was spread out, and I found a perfect little crib skirt at the Salvation Army. Her first dolls and a favorite blanket set in the corner, waiting for her to take her morning naps.

The crib is vintage and solidly made – reminds me very much of the one my siblings and I slept in as babies. The smooth, honey colored wood matches our baby dresser perfectly, and I love the little cut out teddy bears on the foot board.

The top of her dresser is spread with a handwoven baby blanket I made when I was 19. See, I knew even back then that Claire’s favorite color would be purple! ๐Ÿ™‚ And there we stack our burp rags for easy access.

In place of a mobile, Claire gets to stare at her mommy’s creative clutter across the room. I think it will be good for her, don’t you?

5 responses to “Claire’s Room”

  1. Whitney Avatar

    What a cute crib! We’ll have to give ours away too, because basically every crib made in the past 75 years (including in the past couple) has been recalled and it’s illegal to resell them. Ours is technically recalled, but it’s solid wood and nothing’s wrong with it. I’m going to keep it for now and just keep an eye out on it. But good job on the room!

  2. EV Avatar

    If by some tiny chance Claire does not already feel like a total princess, that crib should set things right. No little girl could ask for finer!Note to self: must move to land of free cribs.

  3. humblelabor Avatar

    That crib is SO beautiful. I’m sure it was meant for you.And the Claire is gorgeous. Congratulations on such a sweet family!

  4. Abbey Avatar

    I love the crib and the quilt you made is beautiful!!

  5. rahraht Avatar

    Beautiful! I’m sure any baby would have pleasant dreams in a room like that!

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