Best Infant Bibs

The minute I saw these adorable Laura Ashley handtowels at the thrift store, I new I had to have them.

I also knew they would never be used as handtowels!

On bringing them home, I immediately measured them and figured out I could get 2 Best Bibs out of them, plus two infant sized bibs.

The bigger bibs will be saved for when Claire starts eatig solids.

The smaller ones I lined, added velcro closures, and Claire uses them everyday. The terrycloth is very soft and these are among our favorite bibs. It was nice to find out that I could get a whole infant bib out of the scraps from a toddler bib.

Claire was giving me smiles when I had her model her bib this morning. I caught this wide-open grin and though you’d enjoy it, as I did!
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2 responses to “Best Infant Bibs”

  1. Serena Avatar

    She is so cute! The bibs are lovely.

  2. Abbey Avatar

    That picture is soo cute!! You will have to show Rachel how to make those bibs!! 🙂

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