Living room Curtains

I finally finished taking pictures of this project. Curtains are not my thing. I force myself to make them ’cause I can and because it saves money, but my record for procrastination was logged with my living room curtains in my last trailer. This time I got the living room curtains hung in just under a year. I’m working on my kitchen curtains today…ugh.

Jesse had to help, of course.
I tried to buy sheers for the living room because I wasn’t having any luck finding fabric. I actually bought a pack of sheers (enough for one window) for $12 but they didn’t hang nice and were the wrong shade of green. I hung them in Claire’s room where I tolerate them. Finally the perfect fabric showed up at Walmart for $2 a yard – 8 yards was just enough, so these sheers cost me only $8 per window.

For a pattern, I just copied the sheers in my bedroom. The fabric ironed well, so hemming was a cinch. I didn’t have to bind the edges, though, ’cause the salvages were very neat. Oh, and my store bought bedroom curtain wasn’t bound, either. I thought, ‘good enough for store bought, good enough for me!’

I was really glad this fabric showed up at walmart – it was the perfect shade and really quality.

And here’s the finished product. I also made the pleated valances. I figured valances and sheers would be the best window dressings for a person who likes to let in as much light as possible, but would still like to maintain some privacy here in the trailer park. The valances are actually hung well above the top of the window, so they don’t block hardly any light. Someday we will live in the middle of our own piece of property and I won’t have to worry about curtains. At all. 🙂
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  1. Traci Avatar

    I don’t think I could ever get used to having true neighbors again. Just the idea of someone being able to look in my windows is so strange to me.That said, your curtains look gorgeous!

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