You know those things called seasons?

May is always a tricky month for me. I think many of you who live in colder climates can relate. May is when the weather finally begins to moderate, and though we love it, it always brings an interesting challenge: how to adjust our daily rhythm to include as much outside time as possible!

(photos are all of my gardens this week!)

Instead of the freedom spring weather should bring to our souls, it often brings the added stress of fulfilling all our indoor responsibilities even as we long to migrate outdoors (if only to keep an eye on the kids, who only come inside to sleep these days).

The transition to a new season cannot be complete until we let go of the old one. (<–Tweet that if you thought that was a surprisingly profound statement to come out of pregnancy brain fog. I sure did!)

For me, winter is a time where I snuggle down deep into writing and engaging in my beloved online community.

But summer simply can’t look the same, or I will never get the Vitamin D I need. (That’s the crunchy mamma’s way of saying “I need to get a tan!)

So, this is a little farewell for now. I find I need to completely let go of the online realm for a little while in order to discover how blogging will fit into my summer routine (instead of trying to get summer to fit in the cracks around my blogging, you know? just doesn’t work).


It’s been an awesome season here on the blog–new friends, deeper community, and publishing that book that God put on my heart to share with you. It’s been one of the most exciting seasons since I started blogging, and it’s been so delightful to be on the journey with you.

I’ll miss you, but I’ll be back. (You know I’ll be back. I just love people and telling stories too much to be quiet for long!)


I’ll be sending out one more newsletter before I pull the plug on my computer for my scheduled social media fast for the rest of the month. Sign up over in the sidebar if you want to keep in touch with me via email (yes, I will still be checking email! Hello!). Also, I’ve written a few guest posts that have yet to go live–I’ll have Jeremy post them to our facebook page when they do, so follow me over there if you are addicted ahemdon’t want to miss anything. 😉

Here’s to embracing seasons!

(is there anything you need to let go of to enjoy the present? C’mon–it’s fun!)

7 responses to “You know those things called seasons?”

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  2. Sarah {findingabundance} Avatar

    Me again… just had to add, I haven’t visited here for awhile, and glancing through a few recent posts I’m reminded what an awesome writer you are. I truly love your voice and your purpose with this blog. I will definitely be back to fill up on encouragement… after the dishes are done. And the laundry. Oops, supposed to be doing the dishes and the laundry. Anyway, just wanted to say I think you’re great. 🙂

  3. Sarah {findingabundance} Avatar

    Trina, I admire your stance on this issue. And I love that phrase about fitting blogging in around summer, not the other way around. Summer with little ones is precious time – and fleeting. Good for you for taking a break. You are definitely an inspiration.

  4. Elisabeth Allen Avatar

    I hope you have a lovely and truly, wonderfully blessed summer! 🙂

  5. Jamie Avatar

    Enjoy the outdoors with your sweet family. I promise you will not be forgotten and will be surely missed.
    Embrace the seasons!: A hobbity sort of way to say “farewell?” Love it! 😉

  6. Julie Anne Avatar

    I’ve been considering some type of computer/socialmedia fast… I just don’t know what I want to fast from and want to be intentional with what I do instead… although anything would be more intentional then what I’m doing now! 🙂

  7. Kalyn Brooke Avatar
    Kalyn Brooke

    Enjoy your time off!

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