When Your Soul Needs Splinting

As a wannabe runner with a few {slow} 5k’s under my belt, I often have questions about my new hobby. When I do, I call a more experienced friend of mine. Such was the case last month when a pain in my foot persisted past the usual soreness one would expect from running for the first time in, ahem, months.

My girlfriend had experienced similar pain and her doctor said she was on her way to a stress fracture if she didn’t take it easy. Her advice to me? Wrap it and take it easy, girl. 

The wrapping is easy. It’s the taking it easy that isn’t so…easy. But it got me thinking…


I’m back to blogging this month with a post on Allume. Read how I”m embracing soul rest here. I’ll be back with a post here for you all in a just little while!


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  1. Bethany Learn - Fit2B Studio Avatar

    This has been shared in the private forum for Fit2B Studio members when one of them drew the same parallel to splinting a diastasis. Love it!

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