Wordless Weekend: Guest Preacher

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Getting to know the blogs from the circle of moms. Enjoy your blog, but noticed your twitter feed. I think our president is christian, you may disagree that he is a secular humanist. I am not here to debate your views or politics, but may I respectfully say, you and I do not know the heart of a person. Only God knows. By calling the president or anyone else who does not fit into your idea of christianity as a 'secular humanist', you come across as a Pharisee. I do not think it is right of me to call you that because I do not know your heart. See where I am going ? We have so many divisions as christians, do we really need to pass judgement on each other for we do not know the heart. Politics is not christianity. Please remember that.

  2. Kateri Avatar

    It was fun to see so many of these on our hike both at the Taughannonk falls and at Watkins glen!

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