A June Bride…A Vintage Bridal Shower

The festivities have begun for the celebration of my friend Sarah’s wedding (made possible by a tornado). Last weekend we attended the bridal shower in her honor, hosted at the lovely home of the lovely maid of honor – complete with vintage decor, tents on the lawn, delectable lunch and lush gardens. Here is Sarah in an appropriately vintage dress.

It was the maid of honor’s idea that all the bridesmaids wear vintage dresses. Here are two of them, wearing dresses made by the maid of honor’s grandmother. And the adorable flower girl.

I am not a bridesmaid, but, of course, would never miss a chance to dress in costume. Here I am with the bride. I felt more like my grandmothers than myself all day…

A good friend of mine loaned me several dresses from her vast, covetable collection – here’s me and my wedding coordinater-in-training, Katie, in two of them.

And here’s me and my sis-in-law, Elise, who IS one of the bridesmaids, wearing a truly stunning blue taffeta gown.  We had a great time doing eachother’s hair, even though it made us fashionably late (emphasis on the ‘fashionably’!)

Elise, rocking it out vintage style.

Seth was there – he was the only boy at the party (other than the peacocks, who screamed intermittently through the afternoon, adding much to the atmosphere). He enjoyed chatting with all the lovely ladies.

Claire also attended (she is best friends with the flower girl.) Here she is helping Aunt Elise track the gifts.

After the party, the bridesmaids, in all their vintage loveliness, had a photo shoot on the lawn with the bride. It was so beautiful, we could have called the groom and had a wedding right there!

But that wedding is not till the end of the month. I’ll share more glimpses of the preparations and celebrations as I assist with planning and arranging the flowers (although I get to attend the wedding as a guest, thanks to Katie coming on as coordinator on the day of!)

6 responses to “A June Bride…A Vintage Bridal Shower”

  1. unusual wedding ideas Avatar

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  2. Kristina Avatar

    Ok thanks, Maybe I just saw a picture of her or something. I don't know. I just know that I have seen her before. Did she ever get the HopeChest Mag?

  3. Trina Avatar

    Thank you, Sarah Tressia! Elise and I really had fun.

    Kristina, I can't think where you might have met the bride – I will ask her next time I see her if she knows you.

  4. Kateri Avatar

    That looks like a very fun bridal shower!

  5. Sarah Tressia Avatar

    What a great way to celebrate! The vintage dresses are fabulous and your hair looks lovely!

  6. Kristina Avatar

    Trina, I know I have seen her before.But where? I just can't seem to place her and where it is that I saw here bfore. I know that I have met her too. Please help! 🙂 I am going nuts here!!!!! hehehe

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