WIFD, day 2

Here’s my outfit – a bit summery, I admit, but it was 80 degrees today! and I just had to wear my new thrift store find – the pink skirt for $1.50!

Busy day – shopping in the am, and spent the afternoon with Lee ’cause she’s going out of town and we wanted to spend some time together before she left. I told her to be sure to say farewell to the blog, but if she doesn’t have time, I’ll tell you where she’s going later…
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2 responses to “WIFD, day 2”

  1. Will Avatar

    80 degrees???! Whatever happened to "cooler weather" up north? You were only 6 degrees cooler than we were!

  2. Laney Avatar

    80 degrees in NY in Sept.!! Enjoy it! Well, I actually am wearing a skirt today….picture? HA you'll have to envision it! Black skirt, Grey T, with silver sparkle lines and of course my good ol' black rainbow flip flops!! Have a great day….<3laney

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