Who Am I?

So, I’ve decided to publish an “About Me” page on my blog. Problem: I don’t know what to write about myself that will inform people of the information they want to know without boring them. So, I turn to you, my dear readers. Will you help me create my page?

What do you think should be elemental to a page about me on this blog?

What are the features about me and my blog that people want to know right away when they visit here?

What do new readers want to know?

What do long-time readers want to know?

What do YOU want to know about me that I have yet kept under my hat?

Ask away, and I shall tell. Maybe. 🙂 Rule: For every question you ask about me, you have to answer one of mine above. Fair? Good. Glad we had this talk.

2 responses to “Who Am I?”

  1. Traci Avatar

    Well.. it's really hard to pinpoint something without writing an entire essay on you because I could write so much. But I'll narrow it down.

    I think that what's “you” about this blog is that we get to see you on both ends of a spectrum, striving for certain perfections on one end, and then coming back in humility during meltdowns… so we can always see you as real. Perfection and cheeriness might be nice to look at on occasion, but struggles are the meat of being able to relate to a blogger.. and you are not afraid to share them. Some days real means a fantastically beautiful picture perfect meal and other days it means a huge pile of laundry and a tearful breakdown.

  2. victoria Avatar

    How many siblings do you have? Who's the youngest? Oldest?

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