When the Boy helps put away the groceries…

…everything gets stacked in tidy rows and towers. Marks of a firstborn. And you may find the onion powder in a wierd place. I love my little helper!

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3 responses to “When the Boy helps put away the groceries…”

  1. Karen Avatar

    Could you lend him out to me long enough to get all my cupboards organized ? lol Uh oh..You just put the word out. Now the neighbors all know who they can borrow butter from if they run out. lol

  2. Traci Avatar

    I was just wow'd by how much butter you have in stock!

  3. Rachel Avatar

    Lol! Glad to see you have a good helper! And everything looks so neat…I can just picture the meticulous labor that went into it by a certain little boy…

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