Third in a Series

Today I had a friend over for lunch to celebrate her birthday. In the morning I rushed through my chores so I could pull out my paints and create her traditional birthday gift…a water color painting themed around our beloved lake.

This year’s piece was titled “Water Ballet” – referring to a game she taught us where you make all kinds of graceful moves while balancing on the tube. When you have two on the tube, you have synchronized water ballet. This painting was based on a photo of Anja and Alyssa tubing together on Labor Day. Doesn’t it look like fun?!

I paired it with a fresh jar of pear sauce. (anyone hungry for a pun? you just got one)
Once again, she loved it.
You can see my sketch from two years ago here.
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7 responses to “Third in a Series”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    WOW!!! Your painting is lovely!!!

  2. Kelly VK Avatar
    Kelly VK

    Hey, I took that picture!:-) You're painting of it is beautiful, Trina!

  3. Karen Avatar

    What a great birthday gift from the heart you gave !!!!!

  4. Rachel Avatar

    The picture is so beautiful! Wow…I love it!

  5. Abbey Avatar

    You are a wonderful artist Trina! I love the picture!

  6. Abigail Avatar

    It is quite amazing. 🙂

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