What I’m loving this week…

:: Gourmet Whole Wheat Pizza crust. I’m having good success with a new crust recipe, which inspired me to a big batch with 4 different topping combos the other night. I’ll share the recipe soon if anyone’s interested.

::Clothes I would never wear nevertheless hanging on my line. This neon sweater and HUGE t-shirt are for an experiment in the studio next week. Stay tuned for more details (or go read this post at Lakeview News)

:: The way Claire reaches for everything, including the camera. She exercises a wide range of motion from her Bumbo while she sits with us for breakfast each morning.

::Speaking of Breakfast – I’m loving our green smoothies this week. The same old combinations of spinach and whatever fruit I have in my freezer are being rejuvenated by fresh spring produce. Strawberry Rhubarb is a new favorite. I love that Jesse loves them, too.

:: This little monkey, who is going to give me a mark on my arm from how she hangs on as we work in the kitchen together. Do you hear me complaining? Not a chance…

4 responses to “What I’m loving this week…”

  1. Traci Avatar

    I love that picture of Claire!

  2. Abbey Avatar

    Yum!! That pizza looks soo good!!! I noticed in these pictures how blue Jesse's eyes are!! And Claire's too!!

  3. Jen Avatar

    Me too, pretty please!

  4. Abigail Avatar

    I want the recipe. 🙂

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