What a Helpful Boy!

Jesse has been helping me all around the house and outside. Here he is with the laundry.

Here he is holding a rope for me while I go fetch the hammer so I can pound in the tent pegs.

Now we have a picnic blanket in the tent, and we are going to have play time out there.

He is fascinated by the pantry, which is off limits, but today I gave him a canister of raisins to play with ( he loves being in the kitchen with me). I told him, “If you can get the lid off, you may have a raisin.” Imagine my surprise a few moments later –

He really enjoyed the raisins. “Oh, what are these darling things!?”

5 responses to “What a Helpful Boy!”

  1. Joanna Avatar

    Thank you for posting pictures of Jesse. It keeps me conected to him even on the other side of the world. I love the clothes line one.

  2. His favorit Aunty Avatar
    His favorit Aunty

    Jesse is too cute!

  3. Serena Avatar

    Oh, yes, raisins are candy here, too. As are dried cherries and cranberries. If I'm able to thwart the grandparents, Fiona will never know what she's missing…mwahaha!

    Jesse is so big! And, my, what a good helper!

  4. Katie Avatar

    Ah yes, it's amazing the things babies can open! In our house we call raisins "candy". The baby gets to have "candy" sometimes. It's a big treat. And they don't know that it's not REAL candy!!

  5. MEAJASO Avatar

    Good evening, Trina! 🙂 How is your week going?

    I think that it is so awesome that you're making your own tortillas, I can't wait to hear how they turn out. Do think I could eat them?

    I'm going to try out Google Reader- I'm looking at it right now.

    My favorite picture is the fourth one- he looks so big. I think he has grown since the last time I've seen him already- or maybe it is all in my head. =) He is such a cute little man.


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