Weird Wednesday Break

Well, I’ve really tried to be faithful with at least my Wednesday posts around here, but today I just didn’t make it. I had guests today, and I’m sick. I did NOT end up getting my wisdom teeth pulled last week, but the above reasons are enough to keep me away from the ‘puter and more on the couch this week. Thanks for your patience as my blogging has become so randomly intermittent! 🙂 I will be back with my favorite breakfast recipes next week. Meanwhile, check out these blogs devoted to nourishing food for your family…

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4 responses to “Weird Wednesday Break”

  1. rahrat Avatar

    Sorry you don't feel well 🙁
    You pack so much into each of your posts, we have food for thought (even food to eat:) for days. Don't feel bad if you can't post as often as you'd like!!

  2. Miki Avatar

    Aww… I'm so sorry you're feeling poorly dear♥

    And for what it's worth, I don't think you should feel the least bit guilty about blogging only as you have the time and energy. This whole blogging thing can get to be a real pain in the.. well, it can be a real pain if you start to do it out of a sense of obligation. (Don't ask me how I know this;))

    Looking forward to hearing from you when you're ready to blog again☺

  3. Rachel Avatar

    Sorry you're feeling so sick…praying that you feel better before too long!

  4. Mrs. Guthrie Avatar

    Hope you feel better!! 🙂

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