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Isn’t the English language funny? My title rhymes though the two words have no common letters!

Just before the holidays I was delighted to finally get my antique buffet moved into my dining room.I have always wanted a buffet…for the sole purpose of having an area that’s perfect for seasonal displays (and it’s a good place to store napkins!). It started with my treasured manger scene my mother made for me in December.

But when that was put away, I came up with another arrangement. My goal is to redecorate this space each month with a seasonal theme. It’s such a luxury for me to have the space to do this now, and I don’t ever want to get too busy that I don’t take the time to cultivate every day beauty in our home. Maybe my buffet display will inspire you to clear off a surface -be it a mantle (if you’re lucky enough to have one), cupboard top, or even an upper shelf on a bookshelf to create a seasonal display. It can be a reminder to treasure what each season has to offer, and help us cultivate gratefulness in our children, too.

My display for January is all about warm colors and coziness. I usually gravitate toward the cooler colors on the palette, but chose reds and oranges to combat January’s chilly bleakness. I laid down a quilted table runner – a wedding gift from a dear friend, a woven potter bowl I made for my hopechest years ago, and filled it with bright, shiny apples. Some glass ware I don’t have room for elsewhere right now contribute some sparkle, and the curly willow twigs some fine detail and vertical interest. The roses are an added treat from my husband two weeks ago – I was delighted that they matched my theme. They are still there, though they are getting dried and brown. I have such trouble throwing out roses, but what girl doesn’t?

Do you have a seasonal spot you decorate in your house? Perhaps your front door, or even a whole room! Share your ideas for creating every day beauty – I’m all ears, as I still have not home-i-fied several spots in our new house. I love your comments!!!

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  1. rahraht Avatar

    Since I don't have a home of my own yet, and space is limited in my bedroom, my classroom is my canvas! 🙂
    One spring I put up a 6 foot rainbow using scruched up tissue paper and a stapler – lots of fun 'till I had to take it down.
    Since it is a new month today, I took down the snowmen and put up some cute penguins in scarves. We still have another month of cold weather decorations and then I get to usher in spring.Yeah!

  2. Natalie_S Avatar

    Well, for Christmas I had bead, lights, and a manger scene up on my long bookcase. Now it has a greenery bouquet from Trader Joe's (actually one split in two) with stems of eucalyptus, evergreen, and willow. Hmmm, I should really try and do something for Feb though. I love the idea of creating everyday beauty.

  3. Jam Avatar

    Hang your roses upside down in a dark place for a week or two before they turn brown and dry them out. They keep their color that way, and you can keep them even after their dead!
    Their very pretty after their dried, I have my whole room decorated with dried roses!

  4. Abbey Avatar

    You do such a good job of making everything so beautiful and homey!!!

  5. Traci Avatar

    For this very reason… I dream of a mantel.

  6. Miki Avatar

    I usually decorate my front hall for the season… it's a small enough space that my meager collections of decorations still have an impact, plus it's the first place visitors see when they come to our home. (here are some pics I put up of the hall decorated with a fall theme: http://tomatosoupcake.blogspot.com/2009/11/front-hall-dressed-for-fall.html )

    I love your buffet… your decoration for January is really inspiring. My January theme is snowmen which is pretty uninspiring if I do say so myself;)

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