Wedding Photos, part three: More Flowers

Emma Jane did a great job as the flower girl – it was a delight to have her in the wedding party. And she taught me a great lesson that I will use in future weddings – The Flower Girl should always carry flowers! Even after she has given them all away, as Emma Jane was instructed to do as she walked down the aisle before the bride. It was found after the ceremony that our flower girl was in great distress because she had no flowers anymore!!! I quickly remedied this catastrophe by wiring a few leftover blossoms together and finishing off the posy with a bit of the same ribbon used for the bride’s bouquet.

Tears were forgotten and the rest of the photos were taken with a very happy flower girl!

It was so much fun to make these two huge rose bouquets – though when I got them done, I almost felt sorry for Alice, having to hold both of them during most of the ceremony – they were heavy!

I also made all the boutonnières, corsages, and the two wristlets for the mothers. This was fun, but also time consuming. I will give myself more time next weekend when I make the flowers for Danielle’s wedding.

5 responses to “Wedding Photos, part three: More Flowers”

  1. Duck Avatar

    The wedding pictures are beautiful.Bub came and told me what happened to the flower girl, I thought it was hilarious.

  2. theysaywordscanbleed Avatar

    beautiful flower arrangements!

    Best wishes to you and your husband 🙂

    Gig Harbor florist

  3. Katie Avatar

    Was the wedding somewhere near Indianapolis? Cause, the churh looks a little familiar.

    The flowers are beautiful!

  4. Rebecca Avatar

    lovely job!! I work in a flower shop and one of my favorite things to do is weddings!! This makes me anxious for wedding-season to get here!! I can't wait to get my hands some bridal bouquets!!!

  5. Abigail Avatar

    I love the white roses, they look awesome! Great job.

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