The Water Closet

Well, here it is, people. I’m not totally proud of my bathroom – it’s so old that no matter how often I clean it, it feels dingy to me. Ahh, well. It’s better than an out house. Someday, when the renovations upstairs are complete and my husband has a chance to catch his breath, we’ll replace the worn, faded carpet with tile and maybe get a new vanity.

I am glad for how large the room is – plenty of room for bathing the kids and all. I have room for an antique cupboard that is home to my crocks of baking soda and Epsom salts (used for hot, soaking baths).

There’s also room for Claire’s dresser, which she will soon hand down to New Baby. It has a nice changing table on top, and I have used it for all my kids. It is very convenient to have baby’s stuff on the main floor, and not have to run upstairs every time baby needs a new outfit. (Especially if the baby is as spitty as Claire was!) It’s also nice storage for diapers and toilet paper.

Top of the dresser has a little shelf on which I store my hair and makeup things in little antique tea tins.

…And the shower. Yes, it’s bright! I’d love to have that redone someday, too. But meanwhile, it all functions fine and I’m not complaining!

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