Update on Jesse

Thanks, everyone, for your sympathy and suggestions for Jesse. His little hand is doing well.

We think the 7 hours soaking in cold water the first day really gave us a good start in the healing process. Since then we have kept it wrapped with a slab of aloe on the biggest blisters on his palm.

We put a little glove over the whole hand to protect it, because he began using it again very quickly, and we didn’t want the blisters to get popped or infected. It’s very cute to see him favoring it, and trying to eat with his left hand. He is very patient when we change the bandage each day, as if he understands just how important it is to the healing process.

Yesterday we visited Beppe and Uncle Bub and Aunt Anneke, our stay highlighted as usual by some time spent with the chickens. Here is the boy, getting as close as he comfortably can to the fascinating creatures, signing “bird” with his left hand, as his right is in its little glove. He just loves the chickens, but is still a little intimidated by them. Visiting the chickens is kinda like a roller coaster ride – scary, but fun! 🙂

3 responses to “Update on Jesse”

  1. Abbey Avatar

    I’m glad to see Jesse is getting along alright!I hope his hand heals quickly!!

  2. Trina Avatar

    welcome, Demara! Yes, Jesse got burned on Sunday – if you scroll down you can read how it happened…

  3. Demara Avatar

    I’m glad he is healing! Was he burned? (Just was flipping through blogs and yours, what?, must have been the second one that was in English out of 10. Yikes! And besides your blog is rather interesting too. Thanks!)

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