Travel Diaries: Poetry on the Road

The presentation at the Creation Museum Planetarium has had such an impact on me both times that I have seen it – I was delighted when my Mother-in-Law got a copy of it at the musuem gift shop. It’s called Created Cosmos and is available on line as well. It won’t be quite the same watching it on a smaller screen, but I think it will still blow your mind. I was still thinking about it on Saturday as we continued south on our way to the condo, and wrote this poem…


Thank You
For the stars
That remind us
Who You are
We’ve got things
So warped
Thinking mountains big
And stars so small
Jump back a few galaxies
To see reality:
God made it all
And His favorite part
Is your worshiping heart.

2 responses to “Travel Diaries: Poetry on the Road”

  1. Abbey Avatar

    Lovely poem Trina!!

  2. Abigail Avatar

    The Planetarium was definitely my favorite part of the museum.

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