Travel Diaries: Comfort Zones

It’s nice to have the comforts of home, even while on vacation. Claire is certainly glad we brought her Bumbo – we use it during each meal time and it really saves space and is more convenient than a highchair.

We also brought her play quilt which we spread in the livingroom each day for her to roll around on. The quilt is less to protect Claire from the carpet and more to protect the carpet from Claire. She is as spitty as ever, but the mess is now shaded with whatever she ate last – bright orange pears this morning. ๐Ÿ™‚

This vacation has been very relaxing and enjoyable, but it’s actually been more about getting out of our comfort zones than staying in them.

Benjamin and Esther (my nephew and niece) and Jesse have been learning to swim. Benjamin (6) started out at the pool still a bit dependent on his innertube. Through encouragement, instruction, and determination, he can now swim across the pool all on his own without a floatation device, and he even got to go swimming in the lake with the big kids.

Esther (almost 4) developed a terrific fear of the water since last summer – we couldn’t get her near the pool the first time we went down there. Her mom was hoping we could help her overcome her fear on this trip, so we, her beloved aunts and uncles, set to with diligence. It took about 30 minutes and a fair amount of cooersion, trickery, and even a little force until she suddenly went from screaming, “don’t let go of me!” to yelling, “don’t touch me!!!!!!” It was rather laughable. Now she tootles around the entire length of the pool in her little pink floaty, happy as a duck.

Jesse took a few more days to get comfortable in the water, this being his first real swimming experience that he can remember (he loved the water last summer, but he can’t remember this) He loves jumping into the pool to someone’s waiting arms (especially Aunt Elise’s) and doesn’t even mind if he goes under water in the process. But he did NOT like free-floating in his own tube. I kept persisting in encouraging and stretching his comfort level, not ’cause I wanted to scare him, but because I knew he would just love swimming if he’d just let himself relax. Finally, two days ago, we had our breakthrough, and he now floats all around the pool, proudly propelling himself or climbing out of the pool to jump back in again as fast as he can.

Continuing the theme of breakthroughs, after much persistance, Isaiah and Elise have both accomplished the art of ‘getting up’ on water skiis…now we just have to get them to stay up. LOL
Micah and I are both pushing our own comfort levels by practicing slaloming – we have both succeded in dropping a ski and continuing for a few more boat lengths before losing our balance and crashing into the waves. (and I do mean crashing – I need to learn how to fall better!) I enjoy the challenge of taking a skill I already know and adding a new element of difficulty.

Meanwhile, the Lord has been working on my heart, and suddenly, the other day at the pool, I realized that I was being as stubborn as Jesse in my determination to stay in my comfort zone in the area of faith. The Lord has been gently sheparding me to a greater place of trust, and I realized I was being like a child who was afraid of the water. Refusing to believe my ‘flotation device’ (the God of the Universe!) will support me, I continue to fret and stew on the side of the pool. I may have moments of faith (like Jesse jumping into Elise’s arms), but God wants to see me living a life of faith – reveling in the freedom of trusting Him completely. Now that Jesse has overcome his fear and is having so much fun at the pool, it has me thinking – what peace and freedom is waiting for me if I would just trust my God in everything?

Pray for me as I learn to swim.

3 responses to “Travel Diaries: Comfort Zones”

  1. Natalie_S Avatar

    My dad just about grew up on Lake Martin in Alabama, and once we bought a boat he taught us (my two brothers and I) how to water ski. My dad and my younger brother can water ski like nobody's business. Alas, I was just learning when life (marriage) took me away from the water. Maybe one day.. In the meantime it's nice to live vicariously through your pictures.

  2. rahraht Avatar

    I have been too busy to comment lately, but I could never pass up someones request to pray for them! I have been having a similar swimmingdrowning expiriance and hey, I'll pray for you if you pray for me ๐Ÿ™‚
    Sounds like you all aredid enjoy yourselves.

  3. Abbey Avatar

    Wonderful post Trina! It was exciting to read about everyones new accomplishments!! I hope Elise hasn't lost any more contacts!!:)

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