The Milk Cure: Days 4-6

The Milk Cure has gone well, people! Thanks for cheering me on. Here’s your promised updates…

Day 4 “This is so easy, it’s getting boring.”

Gosh, this fast has been so uneventful, I can’t even remember what Friday was like. I drank milk. I planned meals for my family for the weekend. I drank milk. I had wonderful energy. I drank milk. I may have gotten a little tired of drinking milk, but it wasn’t the taste–it was the need to get up and get myself a glass every two hours. But every time I did it was wonderful, and my body was loving it.

Day 5 “I can do this dancing!”

This was a big day because I was both preparing for the weekend and we had a square dance to attend  1 1/2 hours away. I made

  • and an oven pancake for breakfast
  • 3 dozen tortillas
  • a double batch of pizza dough, some of which I made into pepperoni rolls for the car ride later that day
  • a double batch of bread, some of which I made into rolls to go with sloppy joes, and some I made into cinnamon rolls for Sunday breakfast.

(all dough recipes are in my book!)
We piled into the car around 3pm, me with a cooler with 3 qts of milk next to me in the front seat. The biggest challenge of the day was trying to drink milk on the windy, curvy roads of upstate New York!

As my husband called dances, I visited with friends, kept track of my three active children, and even jumped in to dance the Cotton Eyed Joe, all on the energy I was enjoying from a diet of raw milk. We got home near midnight and I had a final glass before bed. It was still delicious.

Day 6 (whispering): “I did it in Church!”

I have a confession to make. On Sunday, as we were out in the yard getting a quick family photo before church, we found our first ripe strawberry. We reverently took it inside and cut it into 5 parts to share equally, all exclaiming at the flavor of our own, homegrown strawberries. It was at least 20 min. before I realized what I had done!

Then, in Church, I slipped again! It was communion Sunday, people! I had a teaspoon of grape juice and a crumb of matzoh…and the pint of milk I took into church with me, and yes–drank during the sermon!

That afternoon I continued preparations for celebrating Memorial Day, even making chocolate mousse for the next day’s dessert. I only just took a small lick–just to make sure it was edible. It was the first chocolate I’d had in 6 days (Hmmm–I never considered I had an addiction to chocolate until this week. Gonna have to address that. I will NEVER give up chocolate completely, but maybe it’s time to bring that a little more into balance?)

By Sunday evening I really was getting kinda tired of the routine, though I felt great and was sure I’d have no problem finishing the fast.

Tune in next time for the rest of your questions answered (as best I can) and the dramatic conclusion to the Milk Fast! (C’mon, people–it’s been so uneventful so far, do you really think it will actually have climax? Don’t say I didn’t warn you…)

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6 responses to “The Milk Cure: Days 4-6”

  1. glenda Avatar

    I hope this is not inappropriate to ask, but I’m REALLY curious what your bowel movements have been like? And also, are you drinking any water during this 7 days? or just milk? Have you had less urine or a darker color of urine, or anything else noticeable?

  2. Simone Avatar

    Wow, this is kinda interesting! I have never heard of this before. Reading all this brought 2 questions to mind. By all means Í don’t need all the details, but does all this liquid having you peeing as much as a pregnant mama? And are your bowel movements less ‘solid’?
    Wow, can’t believe I just asked you about your bathroom business! Curiosity definately got the best of me! 🙂

    1. Trina Avatar

      Hey, I’d have the same question, Simone! I’m hoping I have the guts to answer these questions publicly in my follow up post on the Milk Cure. Watch for it sometime this week. 🙂

  3. Catherijn Avatar

    This sounds like a fantastic idea… if only I liked milk!
    (Seriously, there are many occasions when I regret not liking milk. I feel it could be one of life’s great pleasures if I could actually bring myself to drink the stuff…)

  4. Jamie Avatar

    Have you noticed any weight changes? Gain or loss? (Not that you need either; you look great!)

  5. Natalie Avatar

    I had access to raw milk I’d be tempted. A week of dead easy meal planning sounds heavenly 🙂 Glad it’s gone so well for you.

    As for Communion – that’s been my only exception while on our currently restricted diet. I realize that some people would say I’m missing the whole point of being on a restricted diet, but when there aren’t any readily available substitutes I can recommend to my pastor I’d rather err on the side of partaking than fasting (YMMV).

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