Tempting Mommy’s Appetite

My appetite comes and goes when I’m pregnant, so it is sometimes a challenge to come up with something I actually feel like eating. The cool thing is that I have been on a cooking spree all week – even if I don’t feel like eating, I feel like cooking (it is sooo often the other way around!). I tried a new recipe that Rachel explained to me when she was visiting. I can see why she said it was her 6 brothers’ new favorite dish.

I cut up chicken breasts into bite size pieces, tossed them in a mixture of flour, seasoned salt, garlic powder, and pepper. Then I fried them in olive oil and butter. So easy – and sooo yummy.

Here is Jesse signing “thank you” unprompted – he absolutely loved the chicken tidbits.

I tossed mine in a Caesar salad with plenty of Parmesan – the perfect, light-yet-protein-centered dinner for this pregnant momma.

Jeremy’s I tossed in a mixture of Franks hot sauce and melted butter. They were like boneless chicken wings, and he said they were delicious.

We are going to make them again real soon.

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6 responses to “Tempting Mommy’s Appetite”

  1. Traci Avatar

    Just thought I'd let you know that I did these with hot buffalo sauce for Mike last night and he announced that he'd like them once a week for supper, lol.

    My buffalo sauce is frank's hot sauce, butter, chopped garlic and a simmered jalapeno… Had to make mine a lot milder than his though, lol.

  2. Serena Avatar

    Mmm, Caesar salad is one thing that has consistently sounded good to me this pregnancy. Chicken, not so much. I've had the weirdest food aversions!

  3. Will Avatar

    Ooo that looks incredible! I just told Sarah she needs to make it. 😀 Is there anything specific you do, or is it pretty much stick ingredients in and fry 'er up

  4. Abigail Avatar

    That looks yummy.

  5. Kinsleys5 Avatar

    Ooh! I love easy, yummy recipe ideas. I'll keep that one in mind!

  6. Natalie Roth Avatar
    Natalie Roth

    Mmm…that looks good!!

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