Taking It Easy

Entering my 6 month of pregnancy (whoo-hoo!) I think I’ve finally succeeded in slowing down the momentum of my life enough to be at peace with the limitations in this season. It takes a long time for me to put the brakes on, but my over-achieving, goal oriented train has almost come to a complete stop. I am enjoying quiet days, with little to show but a few rows of knitting, and the smiles of my children, who love it when I’m just hanging out with them in the spring sunshine, instead of trying to get something done.

Yeah, the house kinda shows some neglect…my limited energies have been focused solely on getting food on the table. Gone are the 5-6 hours in the kitchen and advanced meal prep. We have oatmeal for breakfast most mornings any more (good thing we love it so much!). Every warm day we can, we grill for dinner, which means I just have to get meat marinading in the morning, and fix a few sides. (Tonight we’re trying a variation on this teriyaki recipe, with beef kabobs, rice, and sauted broccoli). We’re using paper plates and/or the dishwasher a lot. 🙂 It’s all good…

Reading…At the Mercy of Tiberius, O’Malley Chronicles
Listening…Moya Brennan
Knitting…Free Pattern off Ravelry – “Sheldon”

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  1. Abbey Avatar

    I'm glad you are enjoying the spring sunshine Trina!!:)

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