Take Courage: On Leaving Anxiety and Depression Behind

A while back I quit seeking or accepting review copies of books if the deal required me to blog about the book because I don’t like being obligated to share a book with you unless it really ‘wows’ me. Now, I only accept books if they come to me free and clear, without obligation, and I only review books on this blog that I feel are not to be missed. The book I’m sharing today is in the “Don’t miss it” category! 

Many of you have read my story of how God set me free from a debilitating anxiety disorder 6 years ago this summer. I’m a totally different person than I was in my early 20’s–then I was shy and introverted, with fear (especially fear of man) as my primary motivation in every area of my life. Now? I’m an extroverted people-person, reveling in the gift of peace and joy from my Father daily, that toxic level of fear and anxiety a distant memory.

Although it’s been 6 years, I still feel the difference and deliverance daily, love to share my testimony, and rejoice when I hear of others who have been set free.

That’s why I loved Jennifer Ebenhack’s story. She’s been there, too–deep in the darkness of anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, days so dark it affected her physical health. And the Lord has led her out of that place, and to share her journey in a new book “Take Courage: Choosing Faith on My Journey of Fear”.

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From the Introduction:

“How often have we wondered if others struggle as we do? How validating and encouraging it is it to hear the stories of others–to discover we are not alone in our battle after all. When someone else comes alongside us, lets us glimpse their brokenness and tells us there is hope, our strength is renewed.” -Jennifer Ebenhack

Jennifer’s book is one of those rare little jewels that combines both a heart-touching personal story with practical applications–inspiring you on one hand, and equipping you on the other. It is a impactful read for anyone who has struggled with anxiety, PTS, depression, and even adrenal fatigue.

I found it interesting that her healing required addressing the same three areas I had to focus on in my journey–the mental, physical, and spiritual causes of anxiety. One of my favorite sections of the book is where Jennifer touches on the neuroscience behind the scriptural principle of ‘taking every thought captive’ (2 Corinthians 10:5). If you struggle with hearing the same internal lies and fighting the same fears over and over (as I have at times) you’ll love the info in the section on “Transformative Mental Choices”.

Wherever you are on the path to freedom, you will find courage and grace in this book. Buy it for Kindle or Nook and join the journey of leaving anxiety and depression behind you.




2 responses to “Take Courage: On Leaving Anxiety and Depression Behind”

  1. Chelsea Avatar

    This book sounds like a great read. I used to consider myself shy and introverted too. Now I’m not sure what I am, but through the grace of God I can easily approach total strangers and even thrive social interaction. The transformation in myself is actually quite astounding! 🙂

    1. Trina Avatar

      It’s so exciting, isn’t it, Chelsea, to be free?! Praise God.

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