In 2007, when I was 25 years old, I found myself in the ER with severe chest pain and shortness of breath.

So began my journey through diagnosis of a severe, life-long anxiety disorder, and the healing the Lord brought.

I share my story, in all its embarrassingly authentic glory, because I long for others to find freedom from the fears that can bind us to less of a life than God desires for His children.

It feels so good to be free.

My Anxiety Disorder: Part 1 – Vice of Fear “There were times during the day when I would have to lay down on the couch and do nothing but concentrate on breathing as the pain wrapped around my chest like a vice, stabbing me when I tried to take the slightest breath. It seemed worse at night, and then I would cry in fear in my husband’s arms, asking him to pray for me as I tried to block out the thoughts of death and leaving my baby motherless.”

My Anxiety Disorder: Part 2 – Glimpse of Hope
My first response was denial – I didn’t feel stressed! I had a great life. I didn’t have to work outside the home, I had a great husband, a healthy child, and supportive extended family. I only had one child, for pity’s sake – how stressed could I be?

My Anxiety Disorder: Part 3 – How bad was it? And have you got one, too?
“And so I wavered, standing on the perimeter of the produce section, stressing, stressing, stressing, unable to make the decision that was best for me and my family because I believed the other voices held more authority.”

My Anxiety Disorder: Part 4 – The Physical Fix – Are Drugs the Answer?
“I feel one must take a holistic (whole-body) approach to anxiety disorders. Realizing there can be many factors and triggers to your symptoms can do much to alleviate guilt — it’s not just in your head or all your fault! A holistic approach gives hope because you have more than one place help may come from.”

My Anxiety Disorder: Part 5 – The Mental Fix – Quick and Easy?
“I decided to put my self-conscious, quavering foot down. This was a decision only possible because my mind had been renewed by scripture and Godly counsel to the point where I understood I actually had a choice here! I took a deep breath and calmly told the individual…”

My Anxiety Disorder: Part 6 – The Spiritual Fix – A New Perspective, Please!
“In my journey to overcome anxiety, I had to overcome some significant false beliefs and get a completely new perspective on life. Here’s the steps I took and recommend to you if you are seeking truth and freedom…”

My Anxiety Disorder: Part 7 – How Am I Doing Now?
“So even though life isn’t perfect (news flash – it ain’t gonna be till we get to heaven) I can experience a taste of glory here and now because of the freedom Christ offers His children.”

When Panic Attacks (Again)
Why I don’t freak out when symptoms come back.

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