Tag! You’re It!

this is the Boy and his tag. He has been addicted to the manufacturer’s tag on his down comforter since it entered his life last fall. He loves to rub his face or any exposed skin with it’s raveled softness while sucking his passy. He was so addicted, we could not contain the habit to bedtimes – any chance he got, he was in his room with his tag and a passy (or two), in blissful repose.

Then came summer, and the need for lighter blankets (if any) in his crib. I knew he would need a replacement if he was to have sweet dreams at all this summer. So I sewed up a little scrap of soft, vintage fabric and surrounded the hem in dozens of different kinds of ribbon. It took a week for him to make the transition, but he is devoted now, spending all his spare time with his little companion blankie.

The other day we lost the tag blanket. Withdrawal symptoms were kept in check by the loan of Aunt Elise’s woven tie belt that had lovely, frayed ends. This worked for nap time and bedtime that night. I searched the whole house, end to end, three times that day. No luck. Finally, I walked by our little cooler sitting by the door as I had a dozen times that day and I remembered he had been playing with it yesterday. Sure enough, I lifted the lid and there was the blankie as well as a sippy cup. I was very relived, and also thankful that the experience taught us he will take a substitute. 🙂

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