Seasonal Super Mom Mode

I am in a productive season. I realize it is a season – a season I am grateful for, but do not take for granted. When I was pregnant, I was not this productive. When I had a 3 month old, or a 6 month old I couldn’t dream of getting this much done in a week, much less a single day. Even with a 9 month old I was still not getting a good night’s sleep, so though the child became more independent and lower maintenance, I still had to keep my to-do list low-key or I was too spent in the evening to do the dinner dishes.

But now – now! I am getting a good 8 hours every night, and only spending a few precious moments a day nursing, doing less baby laundry, no separate baby food prep – there’s no end to what I can achieve, or so it seems. I do not tell you this to brag, but to remind you – and myself – yet again, that there are seasons in our lives. Don’t chafe against an un-pleasant one, don’t take a sweet one for granted. They are seasons, and they pass all too quickly. We must live fully in the one were are in.

And that’s what I’m doing. Today I am finishing up some Christmas gift preparations, which included a trip into our tiny town with Jesse mid morning which was successful. We had fun, thanks especially to a bagful of treasures at the teeny thrift store for just 2 dollars, and a quick visit with daddy at the coal business. At home again I put away two loads of laundry, then cleaned the kitchen in preparation for a baking spree. In between keeping track of my toddler and feeding my husband a hot lunch, e-mailing my sister-in-law, and at least 7 phone calls back and forth with my mother, I made 16 dozen biscotti and listened to a book on librivox. How’s that for a day’s work? You see why I am enjoying this season. 🙂

Oh, and I made this pine cone garland to complete my living room’s outfit for Christmas – an idea copied from the Pottery Barn Catalog I ordered for inspiration after reading this post on frugal hacks. The one in the catalog was $29! I love pine cones.

3 responses to “Seasonal Super Mom Mode”

  1. Meredith Avatar

    I know just what you mean–do everything while you can, because tomorrow the little one may be teething!

    Your garland looks just beautiful. Pottery Barn couldn't have done it better : )

  2. Genuine Lustre Avatar
    Genuine Lustre

    We mothers have to make hay while the sun shines.

    My children are 17, 14, 11 and 4. My time is spent differently now that they're not babies, but I"m not sure it's any less draining. It's a different sort of tired. Sometimes I can't take any more 4yo whining or 11yo who doesn't want to do any schoolwork. But I have to keep my eyes propped open for the 17yo who is driving home from a friend's house. 11pm is when he gets the urge to come in our room and be talkative. It is hard to meet everybody's needs.

  3. the favorite aunty Avatar
    the favorite aunty

    I am your BIGGEST fan……

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