Sunday Bonfire

Claire is cool with hangin’ out in the great outdoors

the experiment: boiling water in a paper cup (it works!)

Brother and Daddy eating popcorn

bonfire at sunset
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6 responses to “Sunday Bonfire”

  1. Kateri Avatar

    Claire is looking totally cute as usual. My siblings and I used to boil eggs in paper cups for the fun of it when we were children. It does work!

  2. Abbey Avatar

    Oh it looks like fun!! Claire looks like she really enjoyed herself!!

  3. Rachel Avatar

    I’m really happy that we have such nice neighbors who share their bonfires with us!!!! And their experiments….as weird as it sounds my favorite part of the whole boiling water in a cup was right at the end when the board it was on had pretty much disintegrated and everyone was saying, “The cup is going in the fire…” Lol. Can’t believe it stayed there so long without bursting into flames!

  4. Abigail Avatar

    Yeah for bonfire season!

  5. Miki Avatar

    wow.. you can really boil water in a paper cup? you learn something new every day;)

  6. Serena Avatar

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