Strawberries, a Wedding, and a Camping Trip

I’m trying to fit in little moments like these in between a very busy month. We’re celebrating a close friend’s wedding this weekend then headed for Creation Fest Northeast next week. I am making freezer meals to take us through the busy weekend and onto our camping trip and trying not to get stressed. Jeremy told me he doesn’t know why I’m stressed – I wrote the book on preparing real food fast! Ha! It really does work – I’ll tell you all about the lovely, real camp food we will enjoy after we get back.  Don’t know how much time I’ll have to blog in the next week, but be assured I’ll check on the comments and be updating ATIG’s facebook page (as I can do that on my phone).

Be assured – that is not blood, but rather strawberry juice. Boy, did he enjoy strawberry picking! I dressed him in a stained outfit that I threw away when I got home. Jesse and Claire both wore red shirts to minimize the impact of a strawberry binge!

Do you go berrying? What’s your favorite to pick? Personally, I love blueberries – no thorns, no bending over!!

5 responses to “Strawberries, a Wedding, and a Camping Trip”

  1. Jodes Avatar

    Haha my first thought was that he had some horrible rash – or bites! Then I realised it was just juice!

    Your kids just keep getting cuter!

  2. Jessica Avatar

    They look like they had fun! We used to go picking strawberries at a local place, but the berries have been ridiculously small the past few years, so we haven't gone. I just buy organic ones from the store.

    Have a safe travel!

  3. Kateri Avatar

    yes, Seth looks he like he had a very good day! ๐Ÿ™‚ I picked 45 lbs of strawberries last weekend.

    I think cherries are my favorite thing to pick. When I was in nursing school there were three cherry trees on campus which had the most fabulous tart cherries ever. For four years each June I picked and picked and filled the freezers. The fall of the my last year the trees were bulldozed. I could have sat down and cried.

    Have a safe trip! The bus looks impressive. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. asquaremeal Avatar

    Seth looks like he enjoyed himself. I like picking blueberries best too, they are so easy compared to the other berries, and easier to put up too. We actually picked 27 pounds today.

  5. Sarah Tressia Avatar

    How delightful to be covered in fresh strawberry juice!

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