She Dances Now

She Dances Now

Broken, torn, and badly twisted
Held by control, tight-fisted
She ripped herself up from her roots
And ran.

Never knowing love and happiness,
Stifled by the pain and ugliness
She knew she needed air to breath,
She ran.

God looked down upon her loneliness
He’s a Father to the fatherless
He began to make a place where she
Could rest.

He made arms to hold her safe and fast
Heart big enough to love her past
and future, God prepared for her
A man.

Now she’s grown in strength and loveliness
Flourished beyond the brokenness
She’s found her place and grace with which
To stand.

Written for a friend. Copyright 2011 Trina Holden

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  1. Joel Avatar

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  2. Avatar

    This is so beautiful, so moving, so intertwined in so many women's stories. Thank you.

  3. Kateri Avatar

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