Stay Tuned….

Here’s hoping everyone had a wonderful Christmas! It was certainly a memorable one for me – so fun to be both on the receiving end and the giving end of that delicious ‘just what I wanted’ Christmasy delight. Enjoyed keeping up with the traditions we have started in our own little family – it was our 5th year sleeping under the Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve and this year Jesse was old enough to join in the fun! Loved watching Claire’s One-year-old delight in lights and wrapping paper. Savored a scrumptious ham dinner with family, and looking forward to one more family gathering today.

I’m cooking up some great stuff for the blog in the New Year! A couple surprises, a giveaway, and lots of your favorite types of posts (watch for a ‘survey’ soon!) I’m so excited about the upcoming year and can’t wait to share all that’s good from our little home to yours!

3 responses to “Stay Tuned….”

  1. Karen Avatar

    I'll be waiting patiently to see what the new year and you bring to us on your blog ! Happy New Year !

  2. Kateri Avatar

    Looking forward to your coming posts. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas! =)

  3. Abbey Avatar

    Have no fear! I will most certainly be “staying tuned”!!:)

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