Christmas Chandelier

About once a year I send for all the catalogs Pottery Barn offers (kids, teens, living spaces). I have discovered they are the best inspiration for my personal style. I just got a batch and have been sleepless with all the inspiration they have given me. In the Christmas catalog this year I saw this…’chandelier'(?) of Christmas Bulbs, and I thought “I can do that!”

That’s the fun thing about Pottery Barn – some of the coolest things in the catalog aren’t actually for sale – it’s stuff you can do yourself. They’re just selling the bulbs here – you have to group them and tie them up yourself – which is just what I did.

I took a length of tulle I had lying around and cut it into long, thin strips (you can buy ‘tulle ribbon’ that would be perfect for this, but I was working with what I had!) and threaded the bulbs on varying lengths, gathered them all up, and tied the top with a bow of tulle. Too fun, Too easy. Try it!

That’s a bit of a sneak preview of the living room in the background – I got curtains hung this week (whoo-hoo!) and am just about ready to invite you in for a visit (virtual or otherwise!)

2 responses to “Christmas Chandelier”

  1. Pam Avatar

    Your chandelier reminds me of one described in The 24 days before Christmas, by Madeline L'Engle (a Christmas story I do recommend). It's lovely.

    Merry Christmastime!

  2. rahrah Avatar

    I think the one you made for your house would make lovely winter wedding decorations! Oh the variations you could make!

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