Shiny Brand New!

You know that scene in the begininning of “The Incredibles” where the mom calls Bob at work to tell him that the final box has been unpacked from their move? She was so excited – and that’s how I feel today.
Today, after 3 years of using an annoying and low-quality, counter-top water-filtering dispenser, we now have a water filter system installed in the sink!!!

My dear husband spent his lunch break installing the filter system which we had saved for and decided to have be our anniversary present to eachother. I am so excited about not having to fill that counter-top filter anymore, and being able to drink directly from the faucet!

At the same time as installing the filter, Jeremy also replaced the faucet in my kitchen sink. Another delightful improvement (I will not even show you a before picture, that thing was gross!). Jesse noticed the new set up as soon as he woke up from his nap. He pointed at the faucet and the drinking water dispenser next to it and exclaimed – “Two!”

Here’s an odd picture showing you just how happy I am about my shiny, new faucet.
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  1. Hannah Avatar

    Don’t you love the new forms of romanticism in our lives? For Christmas, I believe that we are buying a new phone for each other. It sounds boring, but those kinds of things can be SO exciting and are somehow romantic. I wouldn’t have believed it when I was single.

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