Seth Franklin Growing Up

See? Is he not adorable in his stylish, form fitting cotton sleeper? And he know sits up on his own, peoples. Never lays down anymore except to sleep. Definitely growing up.

Oh, and there is a tooth. And may be another within 24 hours.

I was being a lazy last week and letting him sleep with me whenever he woke up in the night ’cause I just wanted to SLEEP and he didn’t seem to want to sleep well without me all of a sudden. And I was worrying that I was letting him form a bad habit, but at the same time I had such peace and was enjoying it so much to wake up to his little chubby soft hands caressing my face in the morning – and then he pops out tooth (so that’s what was bothering him!) AND slept through the night every night since (why do I worry? why? WHY?)

I have mentioned before that I’ve relaxed my scheduling with Seth more than my other kids. Maybe this is because of his personality – he is soooo happy and content. But so were my other kids, so I don’t know. What I do know is that I love the freedom to do whatever is best for each child as I get to know them, and not worry about what other people think, or what my own expectations are/were.

Jesse really did love his scheduled naps. Wouldn’t take naps unless they were at this regular times. Claire really did well on a schedule, too. Seth is sooo flexible – sleeps when he’s tired, wakes when he’s rested, takes naps when and where he can get them in busy days – and really loves it when Mommy takes him to bed with her. I love the grace to flex in this area. And I’m quite amused that just 4 years into my mothering, I’m already raising #3 quite differently than #1.

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  1. Aer Conditionat Avatar

    He is so sweet, i like his blue eyes a lot. Gorgeus 🙂

  2. Abbey Avatar

    He is so adorable!=)

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