Those of you who have visited us and got a whole house tour have seen the two bedrooms upstairs that we plan to turn into a Master Bedroom/Bathroom Suite. I’m happy to announce that work began on the project last month! First, several walls had to be taken out, including all the old lath and plaster they were made of. This is the closest I have to ‘before’ pictures – my husband is very tidy, and had already cleared away most of the junk by the time I got upstairs with the camera.

This space will become MB closet and bathroom, as well as a small, half-bath off the hallway. It will be so nice to have a bathroom upstairs finally!!!

I can hardly wait till I get to wake up in this room, which gets the morning sun, and will have a view of my spring bulb garden.

I have begun to refer to my husband as the King of Craig’s list. He has been watching our local Craig’s lists for several months, collecting materials, and so far we have gotten everything but the lumber and nails second hand at excellent prices, including tile, a double granite sink (pictured here), glass for the shower stall, large mirrors, and (drumroll please…) – a jacuzzi tub, with matching toilet and sink!

Can you see the custom shower stall and tub in this corner? I can…hardly wait till it’s done and I can take a nice, long soak! ๐Ÿ™‚

If anyone has some favorite online sources for design inspiration, I would love to see some links. The tub is gray, our floor tile will probably be black, so I’m thinking of going with mostly neutrals, with a splash of color, like an apple green throughout the bedroom and bathroom…kind of like the color combos in this comforter set.

I will keep you updated with progress reports!

7 responses to “Rennovations”

  1. Trina Avatar

    mira – LOL!
    I am really leaning towards greens or teals – part of me objects because every other room in the house is green or blue, but then the other part of me says – exactly! those are your favorite colors! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. mira Avatar

    that last was from Mira. not her husband (who would never say “yay” like that).

  3. Danny Avatar

    green or purple.
    great finds, Jeremy!
    love the long windows.
    yay home improvement!

  4. Natalie_S Avatar

    I could also see blues going well in that space depending on how it works with the gray. Maybe pick up some colors from your delftware and add some crisp white curtains?

  5. Karen Avatar

    Oh my. Jeremy certainly has been busy. It's going to be wonderful when it's finished. That's the way to buy what you need for sure.

  6. Kateri Avatar

    That will be beautiful when it is done! My husband buys just about everything on craig's list. (I don't have the patients for it, myself.)

  7. rahraht Avatar

    How exciting! Craigs list is great for projects like this.
    I like the color scheme. Modern but fun!

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