Relevant Highlight #1

Laura Booz was my favorite speaker, handsdown, at Relevant.  With Ann Voskamp, Amy Andrews, Lisa Jo, and so many others, how was Laura my top pick?

  • Because she was the most relevant to me. She’s a homeschool mommy of 3, and FULL of passion!
  • Her enthusiasm and joy made her talks some of the most memorable of the weekend.
  • She’s incredibly practical in her approach to teaching and inspiring other moms and bloggers. 
  • She gave me a free copy of her new ebook, Blogger Behave (but that’s another post)

Imagine my delight upon returning home and finding she’s launched a brand new blog, Homschool Baby. And she’s having a party over there with a whole week of giveaways!

If you’re a new homeschooler, your gonna want to come hang out over there with me. Trust me.

2 responses to “Relevant Highlight #1”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Thanks for sharing. Checked out that sight and I'm sure it will be awesome. Just what I am looking for! Jyl

  2. Stefanie Brown Avatar

    I loved her, too! Although I'm not a homeschooling mom (we're praying about it, though), I took away an abundance of joy and information from her talk. She was enthusiastic and infectious in all the right ways!

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