Coming Back to Reality From Relevant

I rose at 5:30 after nursing my alarm clock. (I have found an alarm clock that you can’t hate no matter what time it goes off – a warm, cuddly, rolly-polly, snuggly little boy child who has learned to call ‘mamma!’ in the morning).

No, I don’t get up this early every morning – only on the mornings I’ve actually slept through the night (second time this month, peoples – look out world, here comes Trina-minus-sleep deprivation!)

I slipped downstairs with my journal and Bible (ESV lately – loving it) turned on the crockpot for my first attempt at crockpot oatmeal (oatmeal recipe in my book, crockpot method in the testing phase) Then I curled up on the couch, delighting in the two hours of uninterrupted me-time ahead.

I have come to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the only way to make it through one of my crazy days is to start with God.
Uninterpreted time with my Lord, including prayer, reading, and listening, actually happens only about once a week in this season, but I’ve come to accept that reality without guilt, and put it on the ‘try-to-do’ list every day anyway. He has rewarded my feeble attempts with His faithfulness over and over. I’ve experienced such love and understanding as I seek His face, that I’m finding grace and wisdom for carving out even more moments with Him because it really does help me through my day.

This morning it was no exception. I got His perspective, and unloaded all my burdens onto His willing shoulders. Then I spelled out the word I got with my new letter blocks Dayspring gave me at Relevant.
The word was – 

“This charming, nine wooden block set, provided with letters, symbols, and Scripture, can be used in creating words for daily reminders of God’s amazing goodness in your life.” I’m not selling them, just telling you about them ’cause they’re really fun and beautiful!

For the rest of the morning, as I fed children, tried to make a dent in cleaning, laundry, and organization, and then sat down at the laptop to check on my online responsibilities, I kept seeing the blocks and stopping to take a deep breath and remember to trust.

And as I worked my way through my inbox and RSS feed, checking off things on my online-to-do list, I kept coming across links that encouraged me to do just that. Then there was the announcement from Sally Clarkson and Sarah Mae about their new book “Desperate – Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breath” – timely, no? I was being gently reminded to trust.  To trust that

IF God made me this way – this passionate, this driven, this purposeful and with so many ideas and goals and plans to help and encourage and inspire those around me – (and if Relevant did nothing else, it confirmed that in my heart like never before – He made me this way and I’m not abnormal – there are a lot of other women just like me – how cool is that?!)

IF SO – THEN He’s going to make a way for me to live with myself. To reconcile, balance, prioritize, and find space to breath and take joy in the midst of it all.

Thank you for your patience, support, and encouragement as I work to sort out who He created me to be, and how to balance it all. I may be posting more or less, deeper or more practical, pictures or lots of words – I still don’t know all the ways that Relevant impacted my bloggy vision. But I do know God has a plan for this place, for what I put here, and for the people who read it. Thanks for joining me on the journey. 

Oh, and if you’re in the middle of finding the balance as a mommy blogger – or any season of life with a blog in the picture, you’re gonna want to check out the new book, Blogger Behave, by Laura Booz. Sarah Mae is giving away her book (31 Days to Clean) when you buy Laura’s today!
I’m off to go delve into it myself…

3 responses to “Coming Back to Reality From Relevant”

  1. ~Jess Avatar

    How true! That if we're a-type overachieving want to get everything done moms that God made us that way and we need to trust in Him to succeed.

  2. Mandy Avatar

    I already bought Sarah Mae's a while ago and I bought – and read! – Laura's yesterday! (I prefer the kindle versions.)

  3. Gretchen Avatar

    Thanks for being real. Thanks for being encouraging. Thanks for being you. Can't wait to sort it all out with you. HUGS

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