Purple Rocks!

On Mother’s Day we went up to Rochester’s Highland Park for the Lilac Festival!

Jesse loved the wide-open spaces…

I loved all the purple flowers!! This was a magnolia.

Claire fit right in with the color scheme.

Trillium in the Poet’s Garden – this was soul food for me.

My Mother’s Day gift from my husband – a smooth polish amethyst set in sliver. LOVE IT!

So many lovely trails through beautifully manicured spring gardens

A variegated lilac – breathtaking.

3 responses to “Purple Rocks!”

  1. Abigail Avatar

    We went last year, it is so pretty!

  2. Abbey Avatar

    Lovely pictures Trina!!!!!! Our lilacs are starting to blossom now and they smell soo wonderful!!! Your ring is beautiful!!!

  3. Miki Avatar

    i saw that first photo and *knew* it was the rochester lilac festival! i have had such wonderful times there… haven’t gone in years, mainly because i’d have to do the driving myself these days. city driving and this mama don’t mix, lol. so glad you had fun.. thanks for al of the lovely pics!

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