Food Adventures With Jesse

Introducing the newest food network show! Food adventures with Jesse. Check out these previews of upcoming shows…

“Pinecone tortilla wrap”

“Juice you Chew”

5 responses to “Food Adventures With Jesse”

  1. RahRah Avatar

    You’re such a good mom to let him mess around with your newly made tortillas 🙂
    That Juice you chew looks like something I made once when expirmenting with geletin.

  2. Miki Avatar

    not being a jello sorta gal, i think i prefer the pine cone tortillas;)

  3. Abbey Avatar

    He looks like quite the little chef!!:) So how was the jello?!:)

  4. Traci Avatar

    Too cute. I was just waiting for him to ask you to take a bite of the pinecone tortilla.

  5. Alice Avatar

    Wow, that was really funny!

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