The project begins

Step one – installing the chimney. Jeremy began this afternoon after lunch. We are enjoying our January thaw.

The boy loves the mild weather and the opportunity to go outside!

Here I am in my feminine dress for the day – plus my lovely, thrifted apron – using elbow grease on the cupboard doors in the kitchen.

The view Jesse and I had of Daddy up the stove pipe.

See – this is how ‘far’ away we are moving – I took this picture from our current back door!
Chimney Completed!
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3 responses to “The project begins”

  1. Will Avatar

    That picture looking up the stove pipe at Jeremy is pretty funny 😀

  2. Heidi Avatar

    It's looking good! I too love seeing the progress, and I loved the paint colors you picked out earlier. Jesse's room is going to look great. My poor little brother grew up in a peppermint pink room, shared with a sister!

  3. Aunt marilyn Avatar
    Aunt marilyn

    Hi Trina,
    How fun to see your progress! It looks like a thaw there. We have had snow all day- it's beautiful, but not sunny.
    I am wearing another favorite skirt- a tapestry print on a fabric that is almost like apholstry fabric, thick and soft. Paired with my black turtleneck and boot (in this weather.

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