27 months and counting…

First we celebrated weekly anniversaries, then monthly, with flowers, a nice dinner, and/or another viewing of our wedding video. Then (horrors) we started getting slack. But yesterday I woke at 6 and first thing in my mind was – “it’s the 8th”. I quickly took inventory and checked my schedule, and decided we could celebrate in style if I worked it right….

I planned the menu with what I had in the house, ’cause my shopping day is usually Wednesday. I was nearly out of everything, but here’s what I came up with…

Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Fluffy Mashed Potatoes
Ceaser Salad
and Sparkling Apple cider.

I secretly arranged for babysitting, dropping Jesse at his grandma’s in the afternoon. (The secret didn’t last, since Jesse went down to the office to visit Grandpa and Daddy after his nap, but that was ok! :))

I set the table with candles, and even had time to dress nice for dinner before serving up the plates.

The chicken was delicious – the turkey ham and mozzarella cheese stuffing flavored it so nicely – I love stuffed chicken.

Afterward, we watched our wedding video, which we hadn’t seen in months, then went to pick up our boy. We brought dessert along with us – Creamy Blueberry Pie – to share with the family. You must try the recipe – it was delectable, warm or cold (we had the leftovers with lunch!) One bite and I was transported straight to summer by the blueberry flavor.

Jeremy snapped this picture for me of my WIFD outfit for the day…

favorite cardigan over short sleeved brown shirt, new FLAX skirt mom bought for me at Trader K’s cconsignment shop (thanks mom!) and my new necklace I made that afternoon…

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  1. Kor Avatar

    Silly- She did once William, I'm not sure you were home though

  2. Will Avatar

    Trina that picture of the chicken is making my mouth water! My sister needs to make this 😀

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