A Post-Birthday List

1. I hate to admit it, but I think Seth doesn’t like chocolate cake. There goes my Much Anticipated, slice-a-day-until-it’s-gone, Yearly Chocolate Zucchini Fudge Cake Binge.

2. I have declared September 17th to be Princess Recovery Day. Let’s just say that having a whole day devoted to Brother was emotionally stressful for Claire. We’re trying to be extra kind to the Princess today as we learn to share the new birthday treasures.

3. Orange Liqour was a nice addition to the second batch of cannolis I filled yesterday.

           3.b. cannolis are a nice compensation for zucchini fudge cake.

4. I do plan on doing a post about cannolis…someday…when I have a spare hour…and the desktop isn’t froze up…and I don’t have to type with one hand, as I’m doing now ’cause someone has a belly ache (see #1) and just wants to cuddle with momma.

5.Wait, this little man always wants to cuddle. And I love it.

6. I really need to be more discriminating about where I choose to flop down to give a child a diaper change. I landed on something besides soft carpet yesterday and have a very bruised tailbone following me around wherever I go today.

7. We have transitioned from burp rags to burp blankets with Son Two. And I still get soaked through and have to mop up the couch and the floor. Especially, it seems, when I have eaten chocolate cake the night before. Bummer.

8. I really need to quit cutting corners in the kitchen. Shaking ingredients into Julia (the Kitchen Aid) instead of measuring had resulted in over-yeasted pizza dough and totally-too-chocolaty frosting. Think there’s no such thing as too much chocolate? Try so much dark cocoa powder accidentally mixed in that the frosting is too thick to pipe out of the frosting tip. Yeah. 

9. I thought I wasn’t a bad cake maker, until I met my husband. Yes, he’s actually better than me. See cakes from Jesse’s previous cakes – 1st birthday, 3rd birthday

Next year I’m leaving the cake decorating to the experts.

10. I’m going to a Selah Concert with my husband tonight. I’m really looking forward to it. I think I need a break.

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  1. Traci Avatar

    If you want any company in the “forgetting what's wise to eat while nursing” department, I'll sit next to you and we can be puked all over together because I made the mistake of downing a glass of EmergenC and a delicious homemade deep dish Chicago style pizza with sauce, peppers, onions, pepperoni… and a million other things that don't go well with a boat load of vitamin C.

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