Patchwork Corduroy Skirt

“What is this mess” you ask? Why, that’s my project for the week, that I’ve been so excited to show you!

On the right is my favorite thrifted corduroy skirt. It’s so comfy, warm, and even flattering, I wanted to copy it. So I kept my eye out for some corduroy – either at Joann’s, the thrift store, or even an old corduroy jumper. In the end, that’s what I found, so the challenge was to see if I could get it all the pieces out of the old jumper.

First, I un-picked all the seams, rather than cutting them from the cloth – I knew I would need every 1/2 inch. Then I copied the skirt onto newspaper to make the pattern. I did all this while watching a few episodes of ‘Christy’.

Next I figured out how to lay out my pattern pieces out so I could get the most out of my cloth. The neat thing about the skirt is that it’s pieced together from a dozen different shapes, each cut at a different angle to the grain. I figured that’s what gave the original skirt it’s lovely fit and drape, so I made sure to follow the grain as I pinned my pieces down.

I fit all 12 pattern pieces, using every inch of that jumper. I had to piece a few of the edges, but I figured a few more seams would just look like part of the design. The top photo shows all the scraps I had left over – the pockets and a few slivers! On the top left are my skirt pieces all cut out.

Sewing it together took less time than cutting it out, despite all the seams and top-stitching. I did a good job on copying the pattern, for it went together well, and fit with only a few adjustments!

There is a zipper down the center back (also thrifted! :))

The reason I loved this skirt enough to spend over 8 hours recreating it, is ’cause it’s so long! At 5’9″, it’s rare for me to find a skirt that hits my ankles. I wear the blue one so much, I knew I wanted more of the same.

Here I am, delighted with my new skirt! 🙂 I will continue to be on the look out for old corduroy clothing!

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8 responses to “Patchwork Corduroy Skirt”

  1. Abbey Avatar

    Your skirt looked great on Sunday Trina!!

  2. Julia Marie Avatar
    Julia Marie

    That's so pretty! I love the way the seams create interesting lines!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Amy Avatar

    Wow, your skirt is so neat! I am only 5'4", but I still love my skirts really, really long. And believe it or not, sometimes even short little me has a hard time finding skirts long enough to suit me!
    You did a great job, Trina! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Annabeth Avatar

    I love your skirt and the color !!

  5. Lauren Christine Avatar
    Lauren Christine

    Ah! Its really, really lovely!!

  6. Abbey Avatar

    That is so neat!!! I love the color! and especially like the picture with what was left of the jumper! That's amazing that you could fit it all in! I can't wait to see it. I just bought a new sewing machine and I love sewing by figuring it out myself without patterns. There is one skirt I especially love that I might have to try your idea on…..

  7. Aunt Marilyn Avatar
    Aunt Marilyn

    I love that skirt! I'm only
    5'8.5", but I still struggle with finding skirts long enough. I like them to hit my ankles too. I love the cut and the way the grain went! it's beautiful.

  8. Katie Avatar

    I love it!!! I want one! I'm 5'9", almost5'10" so I know the feeling exactly. Style J sells tall skirts. But at $40 a go, it's too expensive…

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