Passion, Fashion, and a little ‘Ketchup’

Y’all, I’ve missed you. But you know that thing called life? Yeah. That took over last week. My passion for hospitality (two sets of house guests last week–whoo-hoo!), my passion for real food (wait till I tell you all the stuff I made with 1 gallon of raw cream…in just 30 min!), and, of course, the fact that I’m a mamma (hello!) consumed most of my time last week.

I was around the blogosphere–with posts I wrote in another, slower, week, sometime in the last month. Just wanted to make sure you didn’t miss them, and I’ll be back with more, fun, mother-friendly fashion tips later this week!

At Passionate Homemaking, I talk about what’s helping me as I struggle to find my rhythm in the change of seasons.

And at YLCF I shared tips for the modestly-minded fashonista. (Those of you following the fashion series–don’t miss this one!)

Thanks for all your comments and hellos on facebook and tweets and stuff–bear with me as I play ‘ketchup’ this week and try to get to the bottom of my inbox (and, ahem, the laundry pile!)



3 responses to “Passion, Fashion, and a little ‘Ketchup’”

  1. Stacey Avatar

    I love the fall. It makes it easier to get dressed with the layers. I never know what to do when it’s 100 degrees outside and a second layer is just out of the question. Now we get scarves, sweaters, shirts, etc. Joy. Question for ya: how do you keep jeans in the boots so they don’t wrinkle up at the knees? 🙂

    1. Trina Avatar

      Stacey, I’m laughing at the timing of your wrinkly jeans question…I looked down at my pants after an active afternoon, and saw a bunch of bulging around the top of my boots. I didn’t freak out. I think it’s a natural look with certain jeans and boots. I think Skinny Jeans may be the solution, but I don’t own a pair yet. So, um, embrace the wrinkles? I don’t know. LOL

      Yes, we finally get to embrace lots of layering again in the fall!! Hooray! I was wearing, like, 4 layers yesterday…

  2. Katie @ Mexican Wildflower Avatar

    Oh Trina, a GALLON of raw cream!! I can’t remember when I have heard such beautiful words. I can’t wait to read how you used it!

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