Momma’s Fashion Friends

Motherhood brings constant challenges to the art of getting dressed. These are 4 of my favorite wardrobe basics that have stood the test of 3 pregnancies, 100’s of Lbs. of weight changes, 3 1/2 years of lactating, and very little time to spend shopping…

Layering Tanks

I was so grateful when this trend came in! With all the crazy things our bodies do during motherhood, it’s a blessed relief to have a few good layers between our bodies and the general public, isn’t it?

For years now I’ve enjoyed the possibilities that a few, good, tank tops bring to my wardrobe. I used to be a total fan of Down East, but then sizing issues and weird color trends turned me off. I recently found H&M tanks give me great coverage with quality material. A good layering tank should fit snug and have some lycra so that it retains its shape (regardless of what your body does! lol).

Many of my favorite tops are actually worthless without a layering tank. I stock tanks in white, black, brown, grey, and lately, a few hearty shades of purple and pink. It’s one of the few wardrobe items I’ll buy new and buy in several colors if I find a sale!


This is my accessory of choice when I have a babe-in-arms. Necklaces are the usual finisher of an outfit, but you and I both know how much babies love to pull on them, and I’m not a fan of spilled beads. I put my necklaces aside for certain seasons and accent my neckline with a great scarf.

Scarves are also great in pregnancy, taking attention away from how hard your blouse is working to cover all the bases! They also can help with un-planned cleavage and fill in when you can no longer button your coat.

My scarf collection centers around strong colors and textures so that each one can function as the statement piece in an ensemble. I hope to share my favorite scarf ties in a future post..

A Collection of Jeans

I have 2-3 pairs of jeans in each size from 6 to 14, and then I move into maternity (in which I stock medium, large, and extra large!). As I gain weight in pregnancy and then lose it again when I’m nursing, I just rotate the jeans I keep handy in my dresser from the ones in my storage bins.

I can’t tell you how angst-reducing this is. Yes, I know–it’s not fun to gain a size in your jeans, but at least you always have something to wear as your body changes! (I just had to pull out my 10’s last week thanks to some extra pounds I found somewhere this summer. Sure, I’m annoyed, but at least I have options and don’t have to go jean shopping—pants are the most time consuming thing to shop for with me!)


I feel like writing a whole post or a whole series about tunics, I love them so much. Alas. I don’t have the time.

  1. I love tunics when I’m preggo–when everything else comes up short, a tunic covers that belly.
  2. I love tunics when I’m nursing–layered over a t-shirt, it’s one more layer between me and embarrassment, and when I’m wearing a tunic, I don’t need a nursing cover!
  3. I love tunics when I’m not preggo or nursing, simply because they cover my waist, which may or may not be a thing to be proud of that month. Even with a collection of jeans, I may still have fitting issues, and tunics cover that!
  4. I’m so tall, sometimes shirts don’t meet in the middle–tunics never fail me.
  5. Tunics add feminine flair when I’m wearing jeans, and are yet another area to add interest and personality to my outfit.

If I don’t stop, this post is going to have to be retitled, “An Ode to Tunics”. I’ll wrap this up with the advice, if you haven’t tried tunic style yet, you should! And if you’re unsure of how to rock tunics, I’m fairly certain you could talk me into an entire tunic post on that in the future…

And here, for your entertainment…or enlightenment…or inspiration, or whatever, I reveal ‘what I wore…um, sometime last week”. This is a classic example of style that works for mommies, so I’m throwing it out here…

It is insanely difficult for me to get a picture of myself on my own blog, but I took this one for ya’ll in a restroom because I love you and I know you want pictures with this here fashion series. In the above photo I’m sporting:

  • a tunic (surprise, surprise!) from Rue 21 (technically, I think it was a sundress, but I wear it as a tunic–you can do that if you’re tall)
  • thrifted jeans that were too small that week (but you don’t know that ’cause of the tunic!!! Score!!!)
  • thrifted cardigan that added a nice pop of color–until I got cold and added the-
  • thrifted Arizona brand jacket
  • Down East tank in black (which I’ve had for 4 years and it’s still going strong)
  • Born boots

pleated poppy
Linking up to What I Wore Wednesday! If you need fashion inspiration, this link up is pretty much the bomb.

Oh, and I’ve created a Maternity Fashion Pin Board just for you (’cause I’m not preggo, in case you were wondering! LOL) over on Pinterest. If your preggo now and want to still feel stylish, head over to my “One Hot Mamma” Pin Board to get inspired, or follow this awesome series…31 Days of Fall Maternity Fashion

OK, now it’s time for you to share your favorite accessory or wardrobe basic that has seen you through your season of motherhood. We all need new inspiration and encouragement to not let the frump overcome us in this challenging season! Oh, and if you’ve created a pinterest board to help guide your style, I would love to see it! Share the link!

11 responses to “Momma’s Fashion Friends”

  1. Cynthia Avatar

    You can’t imagine how many times I’ve thought back to this post as I’ve dug through my own closet. Thank you so much for your honesty, ideas, and making me feel normal for having clothes in such a range of sizes. 🙂

    1. Trina Avatar

      OH, Cynthia, I’m so glad. Yes, you are not just normal, you are beautiful.

  2. […] cute style, I like The Small Things Blog (I’m sure you’ve seen her hairdos all over!). Trina Holden did a cute series on practical fashion for mommas. AND, it will take some saving up, but I love […]

  3. Kristina Avatar

    I love the sundrees over that jeans. I do that a lot. It just covers up the rolls that are not ment to be shown!:) And yes, Layering is a must. I have really been liking that also.:)

  4. Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm Avatar

    In the winter, blue denim jeans are cold so I only wear brushed denim or sweats to do farm work. In warmer weather I wear skirts or dresses and always wear dresses/skirts/tops to church with tights or leggings to keep me warm. Some women wear pants to church and that’s fine for them but I’m old school. I want to show God the same respect, even more!, I’d show an employer…if I had one.
    For decades, probably as many as you’ve been alive -haha-, scarves and hats are my fashion accessories, along with purses and footwear. No little fingers to pull at my jewelry so that’s worn as well.
    Although I consume massive quantities of dairy products, I’ve started losing height so am becoming dangerously close to dumpy and short. At least, I’m dumpy and short above ground! grin

  5. Mary Avatar

    I agree with Jess, you DO look adorable!

  6. Rachel Avatar

    Ha ha Pinterest had me waiting for an announcement too :). I need to get me some boots- I have this tendency of wearing them to death, and am currently in between pairs. Also maybe I’ll give H&M tanks a try- I loved Banana Republic’s for their length, but after getting stretched out they slip too low cut :(. Loving this series :)!

  7. Rahraht Avatar

    Oh, you Know I was wondering about that new pintrest board. 😉 I’m
    Really enjoying this new series. Even though I’m not a mommy, my weight has vacillated between three different sizes this year and I was really feeling discouraged! Tottaly appreciate your perspective.

  8. Jess Avatar

    I have a couple of scarves. I cannot find tunics that I like.

    I must say you look super adorable in that outfit!

  9. Mandy Avatar

    Scarves & I are like best friends right now! Love them and am trying to wear them more all year round.

  10. Catherijn Avatar

    Great post- thanks for writing it! 🙂

    At the moment, I’m just moving back into “normal” sized clothing after pregnancy then serious weight loss due to breastfeeding, and it’s an interesting time wardrobe-wise: most of my pre-pregnancy stuff I’d had since high school, and I think it’s about time I started dressing like an, ahem, grown up! One of the things I’ll be hanging on to, though, is an ankle-length cord skirt in a sort of dusky pink colour. I can never find jeans that fit, and that skirt does everything jeans would, and more… and if that wasn’t enough, my little girl plays at hiding under my skirt from time to time!

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